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About us

Mulberry & Partners is a global business and management consulting firm. It was born from the experience gained by its management and its partners in complex public and private organizations, prestigious Italian companies, multinational corporations, business associations, trade unions and public bodies. Our work is based on innovative ideas and careful implementation to ensure top performance.

Our mission is to offer the expertise of our specialised professionals in order to meet the new market and customer’s needs. Mulberry & Partners is part of an innovative concept of virtual holding that includes among its customers the major brands in the world, public companies and bodies.

The strategic and innovative interaction among the Group’s partner companies enables us to offer flexible, customizable and competitive services to our customers.

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Mission and values

Vision, perseverance, courage and innovation are the basic values of our company and the guide of our business approach. We comply with these values that define who we are.

Our ideal is very clear: providing customers, collaborators and partners with world-class excellence. Our approach is made of skills, ideas, intuition, courage and innovation; a mix that ‘feeds’ our strategic thinking. Our mission is to create high added value for our local, national and international partners, by providing them with the best possible advice and by developing strategies that can help them to achieve the company’s results and the leadership they are aiming at.

For us and for our company, the mission is to build an ever-growing consulting firm, by focusing on our daily goal of getting to the top design and innovation in order to create value and new opportunities for us and for our customers, so to create a better work world.

We face every challenge with conviction, commitment and initiative. We pursue our goals by working hard and by positively addressing every obstacle on our path.

We carry out our ideas forward with confidence, despite any obstacles and fears. We invest energy and resources in our projects, by winning the fear of failing so to make possible what seems impossible.

We try to see beyond the current context. We anticipate future scenarios and the path we want to take, by identifying innovative and effective proposals.

We constantly look at the future. We seek innovation by simplifying complex things, by finding out methods and processes which can make our work easier and therefore allow us to develop solutions that represent a step forward for our stakeholders.

Everyone of us feels responsible and takes active part in the success of our project, and gives his personal contribution to it. We believe in each other, our relationships are based on trust, honesty and transparency, we work in full respect of people, ethics and corporate guidelines.

Certified quality

Our management system is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 by Lloyd’s Register.

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