This website does not publish advertisements, does not use data for sending advertisements, but uses third-party services in order to improve the use of the website; such third parties may gather the user’s data and use them to send customised advertisements to other websites. In any case, this website shall put in place every possible effort to protect the user’s privacy and to reduce to the minimum the gathering of his personal data.

This website uses cookies, text files saved on the user’s computer or allowing the access to information saved on the user’s computer. The cookies allow storing information about the user’s preferences, which are used to check the correct functioning of the website and to improve its functionality by customizing the pages content on the basis of the browser used, or to simplify browsing the website by automating the procedures (e.g. login, website language), and finally to analyse the use of the website by visitors.

Types of cookies

Based on the characteristics and use of cookies, different categories can be identified:

  • Technical cookies

    The technical cookies are used only for “allowing the communication over an electronic network, or to the extent strictly needed by a service provider to get the information requested by the subscriber or user to provide this service “(see Article 122, paragraph 1 of the Code). They are not used for other purposes and are usually directly installed by the website’s owner or operator. They can be divided into: navigation or session cookies, which guarantee the normal navigation and use of the website; analytics cookies, equal to technical cookies when directly used by the website’s operator to gather information, in aggregate form, about the number of users and the way they visit the website; functionality cookies, allowing the user to navigate according to a series of criteria in order to improve the service provided to him. Any prior user’s consent is required to install such cookies, being understood the obligation to provide him with the information policy pursuant to art. 13 of the Code; it shall be provided by the website’s operator in the way he deems most suitable.

  • Profiling cookies

    The profiling cookies are aimed at creating user’s profiles and are used to send advertisements in line with the preferences expressed by him while surfing the web. Pursuant to art. 122 of the Code “the storage of information on a contractor or user’s computer or the access to information already stored shall be only allowed if the contractor or user has given his consent after having been informed according to the simplified procedures referred to in article 13, paragraph 3 “(art. 122, paragraph 1, of the Code). This website does not use profiling cookies.

  • “Third party” cookies

    By visiting this website the user may receive cookies from websites managed by other organizations (“third parties”). An example is represented by the presence of “social plugins” for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn, or systems displaying embedded (integrated) multimedia contents such as Youtube, Flickr. These items are directly generated by the aforementioned websites and embedded into the web page of the host website visited. The presence of these plugins involves sending cookies to and from all websites managed by third parties. The management of the information collected by “third parties” is governed by the related information policy the user may refer to. For greater transparency and convenience, the user may refuse the use of cookies and he may revoke at any time the consent already provided.

Since the cookies are related to the browser used, they may be directly disabled from the browser or from the banner at the bottom of the page, thus refusing/withdrawing the consent to their use.

Disabling cookies may prevent the perfect use of some website functions; namely the services provided by third parties may not be accessible and therefore may not be viewable:

  • YouTube videos or other video sharing services;
  • social networks buttons;
  • Google maps or others.

The instructions for disabling cookies are available on the following web pages:

Third parties’ cookies

This website also operates as intermediary for third parties’ cookies (such as social networks buttons), used to provide additional services and features to visitors and to simplify the website use, or to provide personalized advertisements. This website has no control over cookies entirely managed by third parties and cannot access the information gathered through these cookies. The information about the use and the purpose of these cookies, as well as about the procedure to disable them, is directly provided by third parties on the pages mentioned below.

The user’s tracking does not usually involve his identification, unless he is already registered for this service and he is also already logged in; in this case it is understood that the user has already given his consent directly to the third party when subscribing a service (e.g. Facebook).

This website uses the following third parties’ cookies:

  • Google Ireland Ltd

    For information about the use and processing of data by Google Ireland ltd, refer to Google’s privacy policy and to Google’s data processing policy when using partners’ websites or apps.

  • Google Analytics

    Used to analyse the use of the website by visitors, to fill in reports about the website activities and the user’s behaviour, to check how frequently the user visits the website, how the website is tracked and which pages are more visited. This information shall be matched to that collected from other websites in order to compare the use of the website to other websites of the same category.

    Collected data: browser identification, date and time of use of the website, page of origin, IP address.

    Place of data processing: European Union, where the service is anonymous.

    The collected data do not allow the user’s identification and cannot be matched to other information about him. They are treated in aggregate and anonymous form (cut on the last octet).

    Further information about Google Analytics’ cookies can be found on the page Google Analytics Cookie Usage on Websites.

    The user may disable (opt-out) in selective way the collection of data by Google Analytics by installing a suitable component provided by Google (opt out) on his browser.

  • YouTube

    Google-owned platform for video sharing. The cookies are set when accessing the page containing the embed, and when the videos are played, and do not allow the user’s identification unless he is already logged in his Google profile.

    The “advanced privacy (no cookie)” option is available for videos which are on the website, in order to ensure that YouTube does not store the visitors’ information unless they voluntarily play the video.

    Data collected: number and behaviour of the service users, IP address, information connecting the visits to the website with the Google account of users already logged in, preferences about the videos.

    Place of data processing: USA.

  • Social network plugins

    This website also embeds plugins and/or buttons in order to allow the easy sharing of contents on the user’s favourite social networks. When the user visits a page of our website containing a plugin, his browser will directly connect to the server of the social network where the plugin is loaded. This server may track his visit to our website and, if necessary, match it to his social media account, namely if he is logged in during the visit or if he has recently browsed a website containing social plugins. If the user does not want the social network to record the data about his visit to our website, he shall log out from his social media account and delete the cookies it has installed on his browser.

Some plugins with advanced privacy functions for users are installed on this website; they do not send cookies or access cookies on the User’s browser when the page is opened but only after clicking on the plugin.

The collection and use of information by third parties are governed by their respective privacy policies. Please refer to them for further information.

Cookie duration

Some cookies (session cookies) remain active only until the browser is closed or until the log out. Other cookies “survive” when the browser is closed and are also available during the user’s following visits. They are called persistent cookies, and their duration is set from the server when they are created. In some cases they have an expiry, in other cases their duration is unlimited.

Cookies management

The user may decide whether to accept the cookies or not, by using his browser settings.

Warning: the total or partial disabling of the technical cookies could compromise the perfect use of the website.

Disabling “third party” cookies does not affect browsing in any way.

The setting can be differentiated according to the websites and web applications. In addition, the browsers allow differentiating the settings for “first-party” and “third party” cookies. The instructions for setting the cookie management rules can be easily found on the Internet.

For more information about the processing of personal data, see the complete information policy below.

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