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Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

a universe of data,
a tool to understand them

In the digital era we can access to increasing amounts of multimedia data and information. Each cell of a table, each measurable quantity, each digital datum represents, when raw, is just a simple figure, like a star in the infinite cosmos. Today, the technological progress has given us surprising computational skills which, by analyzing thousands of isolated stars, can identify the missing data and calculate their future development in order to provide a complete view of the universe.

Next was precisely founded with this purpose: designing and developing tools based on data analysis and artificial intelligence to provide the widest view of business and government activities.

Tomorrow‘s technologies

We develop software based on our artificial intelligence technologies which, by processing as many data sources as possible, provide accurate analysis and predictive simulations to support public bodies and large companies in planning their intervention and development strategies.

Use case
The next platform for Covid-19 pandemic

The next platform provides technological solutions based on machine learning and artificial intelligence. Large amounts of data coming from various sources allow us to analyse the spread and behaviour of viruses and other related issues over time and over the territory.

To this end, we have implemented a “data-based time forecast” also known as a “data-driven time series forecast” which, thanks to our proprietary algorithm, provides a weekly average forecast of new Covid-19 positive cases divided by age group, or the forecast of new positive cases within provinces and regions.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Deep Learning
  • Strategic planning
  • Data-driven
  • Prevision
  • Covid-19

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