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The M&A operations help growing and increasing competitiveness in a global and challenging market.

This often means facing unexplored seas and strong waves which can shake a company from its basis.

Our mission is to help the customer following the right course and finding ideas and intuitions that can turn into high strategic value opportunities.

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The key factor that will determine your financial future is not the economy; the key factor is your philosophy.
~ Jim Rohn
Corporate strategy

Planning the M&A strategy

Our team of practice and industry professionals will provide the customer with the support needed in making investment and strategic decisions in line with his business objectives.

Integration and culture

The value of synergy
We accompany the customer during the onboarding processes of new staff and the integration of new corporate culture, models and processes, always keeping the value generation at the core of our action.

Transfers and spin off

Giving up something to be more competitive
We develop accurate demerger projects ensuring that both the new-born companies will be successful.

Identification and evaluation of target companies

Finding the right operation
We help the customer analysing any potential business drivers in order to identify and choose the best candidates and so to grow his potential on the market.

Strategic due diligence

Not ignoring the details
We provide the customer with an assessment based on rigorously quantified information and data in order to identify any operational risk. We design synergies and opportunities for generating value for the customer by building integration paths long before the transaction is completed

Data analytics

Turning intuitions into actions
Our IT department supports our customers by using analytics to identify the probabilities of success, to accelerate the M&A operations and to improve the decision-making process.

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